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#1 Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks (27-5) Alphabet Soup is not messing around this year, but it's not just him. The Bucks have the best Defensive Net rating in the league. No wonder they are on top!

#2 Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers (24-7) The Lakers are coming off a brutal 3 game stretch. Injuries have played a part and the Bucks are just a step better in every category. *Update* Lakers go down on Christmas, as well. Again, defensive-orientated teams may be the kryptonite to this Lakers Squad.

#3 Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers (23-10) I made a quick edit and vaulted the Clippers up a couple spots. Their win against the Lakers show they're right there with them as one of the top teams, if not better. I can't wait to see this one play out at the end of year.

#4 Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics (21-7) Boston Baby! You have to respect their coaching and the tandem of Jayson Tatum/Jaylen Brown is stifling. It's hard to imagine they bolster the 3rd Highest Overall Net Rating. Boston is for real!

#5 Miami Heat

 Miami Heat (22-8) Heat check. The Heat have lost a couple recently, but they had to eventually, right? You love to see a young team make it work and dominate. With an Overall Pace rating of (21), they always find a way to get the win.

#6 Houston Rockets

Rockets (21-10) I have kept the Rockets here but they have suffered an embarrassing lost to the Warriors on Christmas Day. A perennial regular season beast, they have to make noise in the playoffs or it's a bust season no matter how many points Harden puts up.

#7 Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers (23-10) The Sixers suffered have awful losses recently, which included two home games. Surprisingly, they are better with Al Horford on the floor and Embiid Off. They need to give their young guns more run and get their bench some experience if they want to make a deep run in the playoffs.


#8 Denver Nuggets

Denver Nuggets (21-9) The Nuggets are riding a six game winning streak and finally getting their offense together. Will Barton and Nikola Jokic are seeing some great run, and I expect them to creep up even more in the upcoming months.

#9 Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors (21-10) Injuries Suck! Toronto is somehow keeping it together even with so many key players hurt. Their small rotation is even smaller. If they can get healthy, they'll still be favorites for a Top 4 seed in the East.

#10 Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks (20-10) Wow -the Maverick held their own without Luka D, as Pringles himself stepped up in multiple games. This team is going to be a force if they can all get the gear rolling at the same time. #1 In OFF Rating BTW, Luka Factor!

#11 Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers (21-10) Who thought the Pacers without Dipo would be this far up? They can only get better from here and Sabonis is playing well. With Turner finding his rhythm as well, these two guys working in tandem is pivotal for Indiana and their success.

#12 Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz (18-12) The Jazz recently had a pretty easy schedule in which they capitalized. Also, the insertion of Joe Ingles back in the starting lineup has added some much needed fire to this squad. Can Conley get healthy and find his shot somewhere in the process? Here's to hoping!

#13 OKC Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder (15-15) Um.. What? Yep, the Thunder are playing good basketball right now. You can't deny it. The mix of savvy vets and young gunners are working pretty well. I don't see them keeping it up, unfortunately

#14 Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets (16-14) Who needs a DJ anyway? Finally, Jarrett Allen has been let loose and the Nets are winning the paint battle over the last 6 Games. Their winning is less about Kyrie and more about Jarrett Allen! But as usual, this looks really bad for Kyrie.

#15 Portland TrailBlazers

Portland Trailblazers (14-17)...Middle of the Road. Melo has been serviceable for sure. Whiteside is currently on a tear in the paint. They have quietly slated into the eight seed, but they need more production from their bench in order to make a run!

#16 San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs (12-18) The Spurs are cooking now as they are ramping up the defensive pressure. The question now is can the youth step up and match the steady contributions of DeRozan and Aldridge? We shall see.

#17 Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings (12-18) Kings are hitting a home stretch in which we hope they can pull it together. Finally fully healthy, we can hope that they start showing us their potential. "Holmes on Holmes" is a welcomed surprise. Now that Fox is back, the future looks bright.

#18 Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls (12-20) The Bulls are the 2nd Best defensive team in December. As surprising as that is, they are finally stringing some wins and closing games together. Lauri Markannen and Wendell Carter Jr. need to take another step to give Chicago any playoff hope.

#19 Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic (13-17) Isaac has been playing incredibly well on the defensive end, but the Magic are still in the lower tier. They have to evaluate if they can win with what they have. Markelle Fultz may not be the answer, unfortunately.

#20 Detroit Pistons

Detroit Pistons (12-20) Trade Rumors are swirling in Detroit. Are Drummond and Blake on the way out the Motor City? Blake looks to be regressing and Detroit should look towards the future very soon.

#21 Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies (12-20) Memphis struggled to produce with the high pace they were running at the start of the year. Now that they are healthy, they can evaluate the team. JJJ and Morant seem for real, though. Next year they might make noise.

#22 Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns (11-19) The Suns looked great at the start of the year, but unfortunately injuries and suspensions caught up to them. If Ayton can stay healthy, it might benefit them to gain chemistry this year. BTW Devin Booker was a per game monster before his injury.

#23 Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers (9-21) The Cavs are in a huge waiting period right now. There are so many questions on trades and potential moves in Cleveland. It's hard to realize Sexton's consistent season as a scorer. Once we know the future of some key players, they should be able to shape this team post-LeBron.

#24 Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets (13-20) Hornets are fun to watch, right? We love the coming out party of Devonte' "Graham Crackers" and we hope this is the beginning of something magical. Outside of him and Terry Rozier, this team is just not good. Hopefully they can mature their talent for Graham's sophomore season.

#25 Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards (9-21) Wizards are 2nd in Pace this year, which is absolutely crazy. They are also 30th is Def Rating. If they can't outscore you, they will lose. It's great for fantasy but terrible for winning games and also increases the chance for injury. Just ask Thomas Bryant about that!

#26 New Orleans Pelicans 

New Orleans Pelicans (9-23) It's hard to ignore Brandon Ingram's recent ascension. He is a legit scorer in this league. How he gels with Zion (whenever he heals and changes the way he runs and walks) will be key.

#27 Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Timberwolves (10-19) Speaking of potential, this team should be one of the best. They have one of the Top 3 Center's in the league, but on paper isn't showing up in practice. This is while Wiggins is playing out of his mind.

#28 New York Knicks

New York Knicks (8-24) Fizdale is out and the rotations are stabilizing, but the Knicks just don't have the players to compete in the East right now. They needed a big name FA and they couldn't snag one. Mitchell Robinson is a force down low and he should be playing a lot more. Granted, he needs to stop fouling out every single night.

#29 Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors (8-24) Violins are playing in the background as the lowly, injured Warriors defeated the Rockets on Christmas Day. Based on Harden's quotes, it seems he and his team didn't really get hype for this game. Well, neither did we Harden.. Neither did we.

#30 Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks (6-25) John Collins finally returned from suspension and now the Hawks can go on a 25-game winning streak to reach the playoffs, right? RIGHT? The reports say Atlanta had high hopes for this team this year. We at home did not. They need more stability before fulfilling those lofty expectations.

Written By LT DA SAGE